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Modern living for your OpenEdge Progress 4GL Systems.

About EagleIQ

EagleIQ gives OpenEdge customers the freedom to use the industry leading tools they want, when and how they want.

For over a decade EagleIQ has been delivering countless trillions of transactions coupling OpenEdge ABL/Progress 4GL with modern IT systems and technologies. Industries including financial, medical, distribution, manufacturing, retail, social and industrial users leverage their investment in 4GL using EagleIQ. Fortune 20 companies on down to the smallest shops.

With EagleIQ, users of Progress V9 and up can deploy RESTful services for Mobile and Web applications. Invoke 4GL logic from .Net and Java. Access Oracle, SQL Server, Open Source applications, Java, Java APIs, and anything Java connects to from within the 4GL. Improve Progress 4GL Performance of critical time-intensive processes with EagleIQ multi-threading. Deploy High Availability Load Balanced server farms to scale massively. Use Node.js, Bootstrap, React.js +Native, Flux, jQuery, AngularJS, PhoneGap, Ionic, Backbone, Ember, MuleSoft, NativeScript and just about any other leading technology with your 4GL.

Progress Version 9 and up. (yes, you read that correctly, RESTful V9 apps)

Modernize OpenEdge

By "modern" we me truly modern. You should be able to install and use the latest industry leading tools without waiting for proprietary binaries or being forced to upgrade OpenEdge ahead of your schedule or comfort level.

How modern? Progress Software recently showcased a handful of Application Modernization Case Studies, one of which is an EagleIQ cloud-based system built and deployed years ago.

We believe your path to staying current and relevant should be obstacle free.

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